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you’ve got kids, and they’ve got hair. This can be problematic, I know. Kids and babies tend to have fine hair, and fine hair tangles really easily. Add curls to the mix, and you may have even more of a problem. Detangling kid’s hair after a shower or brushing through the bedhead in the morning can be a real battle complete with crying, screaming, and fighting. Fortunately there are products that can help. I prefer lines specifically designed for children because they are formulated to be gentle, and many contain natural ingredients.

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Tangle Teezer Comb and Avon Detangling Spray

I am writing a combined review of these two products, as we tested them on my daughter together for the first time, so I can’t separate whether one made a bigger difference than the other.

my daughter doesn’t like having her hair washed. I’m not entirely surprised by this. Like me she has beautiful curly hair, and I’ve been caring for it in the same way as I do mine, which is to follow the Curly Girl method. I don’t brush her hair (it makes it go frizzy and lose the curls), but I comb it through when she has it washed. Up until this point I’ve been using a wide-toothed comb, just like I use, but despite my best efforts to not hurt her, this is quite tough on the tangles, and she gets very upset when having her hair washed.

We were recently on holiday with a group of friends, and one of my friends who has two daughters, both older than the daughter, recommended Avon’s kids detangling spray  This can be used on wet or dry hair, and my friend said it made a significant difference to the amount of fuss her girls made about having their hair brushed. I tucked this information away and resolved to purchase some and see if it made a difference to  my daughter. Then promptly forgot all about it.

About a week ago I was reading the beauty within makeup blog, which is one of my favorites, and they mentioned the Tangle Teezer detangling comb. This coincided with a particularly stressful hair wash experience, and so I placed orders for both a comb  and detangling spray from Avon).

Both items arrived on the same day, and as it was a bath day I pressed them both into the daddy’s hands

The result was that the daddy managed to wash the daughter’s hair with not one single complaint, whine or any crying from her. I was waiting downstairs for them to finish the bath and I heard no noise at all. So this is a great result in my eyes. In addition, the following morning I noticed that the geekdaughter’s hair was better conditioned and seemed softer than usual. The difference was visible, and I put it down to one or both of these products.

The Tangle Teezer is designed to fit nicely into the palm of your hand, and when you look at it it is covered with lots of short, flexible teeth. This means that when it comes up against a tangle, it doesn’t so much stop dead (causing pain and screaming), but rather brushes over the tangle, loosening it as it goes. It’s effective at removing the tangles, and I must confess I’m considering sneaking it into my next shower to see how it copes with my hair! It comes in a variety of colours, but when I saw the purple sparkly one I knew that was the one for the daughter!

Avon You’ve got kids can be bought through your local Avon representative or ordered from their online shop. It’s currently on special offer allowing you to buy it for £1.50 per bottle (normally £2.50). It’s great for bath time as it can be used for wet hair, but also can be used on dry hair as well, so a couple of squirts before styling unruly hair should result in a happier child and easier-to-style hair. I’ll be testing this out the next time my daughter allows me to put her hair in bunches!

Both products were easy enough for the  dad to use, and we’ll definitely continue to use them A big thumbs up!

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