You Will Not Believe These 28 Uses of Avon Bubble Bath You Never Knew About.

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Whilst browsing the net I found these great ideas on uses for Avon bubble bath – please note these are not endorsed by Avon or beautywithinmakeup

  1. Compared to many other cleaners or detergents, Avon Bubble Bath not only costs less, but you also use less. For instance, one cap full to half a pail of water does a great job cleaning the car or camper Avon Bubble Bath in the Bathroom.
  2. Use to wash down the tub surround, shower walls and doors Leaves bathroom fixtures and mirrors shining.
  3. Cleans the vanity top, cabinets, and ceramic tiles.
  4. Can replace your body wash Works as a shampoo.
  5. Can use to refill for liquid soap, It is mild on hands. (even nicer after adding a few drops of Avon Skin So Soft Bath Oil)
  6. Cleans combs and brushes.
  7. leaves no residue Avon Bubble Bath in the Kitchen: Wash your appliances with it and leave them sparkling
  8. Can be used to hand wash dishes. (not in the dishwasher)
  9. Mild enough to clean your painted or wood kitchen cabinets.
  10. Cleans the fridge inside and out,even removes odours
  11. Use as a laundry detergent and you no longer need a fabric softener. 1 or 2 cap fulls are all that’s needed to do a great job and to remove stains Great for hand-washing delicate items Pre-soak heavily soiled laundry, such as greasy work clothes. Easily does away with ring around the collar Removes butter or grease from clothes. Pour bubble bath directly on the spot, leave a few minutes, then wash and the spot will be gone Cheaper than Woolite –gentle on lingerie.
  12. Use to shampoo carpets, either the whole carpet or just spot cleaning Upholstery stains are removed by rubbing with a damp cloth dipped in full strength bubble bath.
  13. Cleans chandeliers and light fixtures.
  14. Use to hand wash the good dinnerware, glassware and silverware.
  15. Leaves windows shining Washes Venetian blinds – leaves no streaks behind Polishes all chrome household fixtures.
  16. Cleans the TV screen, computer monitor, etc. Wipe with a damp cloth dipped in bubble bath and dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  17. Can be used to wash no-wax floors – use 1 cap full with ½ pail of warm water Removes wax build-up – use straight from the bottle with a scrub sponge, wipe with a dry cloth.
  18. Does a superior job cleaning ceilings, walls and panelling.
  19. Wash your plant leaves to make them shine just Mix a small amount of the Avon bubble bath with some tepid water, When finished pour the leftover water onto soil as a fertiliser.
  20. Will clean your jewellery. (even costume jewellery)
  21. Leaves a fresh, clean smell from room to room. There are a lot of different fragrances – might be fun to try different ones.
  22. Use to clean your eyeglasses.
  23. Mix some bubble bath with an equal amount of water to put it in your potpourri burner.
  24. Adds fun to the children’s pool while keeping the pool and children clean
  25. Shake up, then use the bubbles only on a sponge to clean and freshen vehicle interiors
  26. Add to cleaning water for cars, aluminium or vinyl siding, campers or trailers – repels dust Leaves a protective wax-like coating on cars – watermarks wash right off you
  27. To repel snails in the garden – mix equal parts water and bubble bath and spray on flowers. In the vegetable garden, spray only on the surrounding soil, not on any edible plants
  28. use in the garage to test tyres or gas lines for leaks