Avon is always viewed as a job for woman as it’s selling make up but it’s a lot more than that.

Avon is always viewed as a job for woman

Avon is always viewed as a job for woman as it’s selling make up but it’s a lot more than that.

I started doing Avon about 9 years ago to help my wife by delivering the orders when she was ill , since then i have got my own round and i am now have the highest sales in the area whilst also supporting my wife to develop her Sales Leadership side of Avon.

We are doing that well that i will be looking at leaving my full time employment within the next 2-3 years and doing Avon full time with my wife, so to all the men out there telling their wife’s not to do Avon as it’s not a proper job why not help her and you could be working for yourself in a few years time like me.

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A source of income – Meet new people – Make new friends – Work locally – Flexible hours – Work from home – Start you own business – Incentive prizes including holidays, cars gadgets etc.

Whether the family income has one or two bread winners, there is nothing worse than the Monday morning feeling, the despair of having to go to work, that longing for the weekend to approach or the holiday that is booked in several months’ time.

With AVON there’s none of this but what you do get is total freedom with when you start your working day and total flexibility with what you do in between your work periods. For instance you could be taking your kids to school and picking them up every day. How about that, you get to see more of your kids growing up.You want to take a few hours off, you can just do it with AVON.

Real life three Avon men

Then there is the financial rewards, unlimited income, your pay goes up with your efforts

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Avon sales leader Kieran Bertie from Halewood with some of the Avon products.
 men in becoming Representatives and Sales Leaders simply because they are seeing their wives or partners enjoying the great financial rewards and freedoms associated with building an AVON team. The bigger the team, the greater the commission you get.

So why is the AVON MAN and the AVON LADY successful in running their AVON business?

That’s because of the AVON product range, the iconic AVON brand, the well respected and well known AVON brochure and the television and magazine advertising. All of these features in combination ensure that men and women achieve great success in running their AVON business. For the same reason you don’t need to be a slick salesperson with that killer sales instinct, the brochure does the selling for you. All you have to do is ask, “Would you like an AVON brochure?”

Now the real shock because I am going to outline want you do need. First of all you need to be able to talk to people, you need to have a computer  YOU are our perfect person, man or women, to become an AVON Representative or Sales Leader.

Real-life three Avon men


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