Then read on as I have picked out the top 30 FAQ’s that I get asked by my new representatives.

1. ”How much will I earn?”

Avon representatives are given a discount on the customer orders they collect in.  £87 and over in customer orders earns 20%. £160 and over in customer orders earns 25%.

2. “How will I be paid?”

When you deliver your orders you collect the payment from your customer.  In your delivery you will receive an invoice detailing how much your discount is and how much to pay Avon.  Out of the payments you have collected in you pay Avon and the cash left is yours.

3. “Will it cost me anything to join Avon?”  no everything comes on a 14 day free trial

4. “I want to finish Avon.”

We hope that you will stay with us long term as a member of our team.  If your circumstances do change though and you need to close your account, then all you need to do is clear your balance and notify your team leader.  When you have missed three orders your account will become inactive, when you miss eight orders your account will fully close.  If you have not placed a first order then the account will simply close with no fee payable.

5. “Do I have to sell door to door?”

No – although the traditional way to sell Avon is door to door we have many team members who simply sell to friends and family, at work or through social media online with the new Online Stores.

6. “What help and support do I get?”

All representatives get full help and support from their team leader, area manager and Avon.  Avon send weekly emails and have a ‘Learning Zone’ online plus their great forum ‘Beauty Connects’.  As a member of our team we also provide a dedicated Facebook group for representatives, team emails and regular drop in meetings.

7. “How do I pay Avon?”

When you collect the money from your customers orders you keep your discount and the rest will be payable to Avon.  Your invoice will have a giro slip attached that you can take to your local Post Office with the cash.  If you prefer to pay by debit card you can do this over the phone or in your representative online account.  Avon do not accept credit card payment.

8. “Do I need to drive?”

No – generally we will be able to allocate you with an area within walking distance of your home.  If you wish to check this with us first please contact us, with no obligation.

9. “A customer can’t pay for her order.”

Representatives never pay Avon for goods they haven’t collected the money in for.  In this instance we would claim a credit from Avon and deduct the amount off your invoice amount payable.  Then return the goods to Avon with the carriers on your next delivery.  Never leave an order with a customer without payment.

10. “How often do orders go in?”

Avon order dates are three weekly throughout the year, with the exception of over the Christmas and New Year selling period when they reduce to two weekly.  There are eighteen brochures a year.

11. “Can I miss an order?”

You can miss an order although most representatives find their customers will wish to see a brochure every time.  If you have to miss an order due to holidays or personal reasons, then you can always place a small order for your next brochures to keep the account active.

12. “Do I pay for deliveries or returns?”

A regular, on time order of £14.99 and over will be delivered free of charge.  A small regular order (£0.01 – £14.99) will incur a charge of £3.50. Additional orders under £15 (£0.01- £14.99) will incur a charge of £3.50 and over £15.00 will incur a charge of £2.75. Returns can be sent back to Avon free of charge with the carriers.

13.“Do I have to attend meetings?”

No – but they may be beneficial for your business.  You will be notified of local meetings held by your area manager and team leaders but you do not have to attend.  As a team we hold regular drop in meetings and are also starting online video meetings

14. “What is the difference between a representative and a sales leader?”

Representatives build their own customer base and collect in sales which they earn a discount from.  Sales Leaders recruit and train their own team of representatives, earning commission from their teams’ sales and a discount off their personal sales.

15. “How do I get started?”

We can arrange to visit you at your home or meet at a place of your choosing or we can appoint via video link – Skype, Face time, Facebook video call.  You must have photo ID for video calls or a meeting away from your home address.

16. “Do I get extra discounts?”

Every campaign you get an exclusive representatives magazine called ‘First Look’.  First Look showcases the new products coming out two brochures ahead and you can order them for demonstration with at least 30% discount.  First Look also has a clearance section with massive discounts on discontinued, end of line and repackaged stock – exclusively for representatives.

17. “What time commitment is involved?”

An Avon representative business fits around most peoples’ current commitments such as work, family or studies.  Avon can be spare time, part time or full time.

18“If it’s so good why isn’t everyone doing it?”

Most people are not aware of what Avon can offer, it can be worked as just a little extra income or if you take up the opportunity to progress to sales leader level there is an unlimited earnings opportunity.  If you put the time and effort in, you will get rewarded

 19. “Why should I try Avon when there are so many other direct selling opportunities?”

As an Avon representative you are with an iconic company who are celebrating their 130th anniversary this year.  Avon is a global company trading in over 100 countries worldwide.  With Avon you have no upfront purchase requirements; Avon is genuinely free to try making this a no risk start up.  Avon products have a huge brand awareness with consumers and consisting mainly of consumable products means regular repeat purchases from customers.  There is a constant flow of new and innovative products to keep customers interest.  Rewards for high achievers include holidays, cars and great cash bonuses.

20. “What do I get in my ‘Starter Pack’?”

All new representatives get their first two sets of Avon brochures, order forms, samples and stationary free.  Newly launched are the Avon Online Stores, you can personalise these for yourself and now sell Nationwide with the direct delivery option – these are free to you!!

21. “Do I get freebies as an Avon representative?”

In your first Avon order you will receive an Online Store starter pack, there are regular incentives for representatives – recent prizes have been Bluetooth speakers and tablets.

22. “If I join as a Sales Leader what do I get?”

We would advise you do a few campaigns as a representative to learn the basics before progressing to Sales Leadership.  If you are a member of the beauty within makeup  team you will get your own recruiting website, personal recruiting cards and new representative info cards, access to our dedicated sales leader Facebook group, weekly online motivation and planning meetings, 1 to 1 training and regular team meetings.

23. “What are Avon’s’ payment terms on orders?”

Avon will send your order with no payment upfront if it is within your credit limit.  The order will contain an invoice detailing how much to pay Avon and yourself.  Payment must be received by 14 days from the date of the invoice and the date will be detailed for you.  If no payment has been received when you submit your next order then it may be ‘held’ and not sent to you until the account is cleared


24. “How much can I earn as a representative?”

You earn up to 25% of sales.  Sales of £200 will earn approximately £50, £400 approximately £100, £800 approximately £200.

25. “How much can I earn as a sales leader?”

Earnings depend on your efforts – earnings of £500 every three weeks are commonplace, £1000 every three weeks achievable and £2000 plus if you are committed.  As your team builds your earnings increase

26. “How much do Avon brochures cost?”

You will receive your first two sets of brochures free.  Further to these you will need to order them on your orders.  Twenty brochures cost just £5.67 with each additional pack of five costing 50p.

27. “Where can I promote my online store?”

Anywhere you would like to!  The personal online store link to your store can be posted on social media, emailed out, used on flyers, canvassing cards, business cards or shop ads.

 28. “What customer delivery options are there with the online store?”

Customers can choose local representative delivery or courier/pick up from a parcel shop for a small postage charge.

29. “What payment options are available for customers?”

As a representative you can offer what payment options you wish to take.  I have cash, cheque, PayPal, bank transfer and card payment with my chip and pin machine.  Online direct delivery customers have the option of payment by credit or debit card or Paypal.

30. “Why am I restricted to a territory?”

All representatives are allocated a specific area of up to 175 homes to start (this can be increased in subsequent campaigns if sales are achieved), this means there is no competition between representatives as houses will only be served by a single representative.  As well as the territory you will have your network of friends and family who you can show brochures to and the Online Store to sell from Nationwide.