Iconic and Empowering Women – Oprah Winfrey

Iconic and Empowering Women – Oprah Winfrey

130 Years of Avon

Iconic and Empowering Women

The Avon ladies choice!

I was asked last week who I though were the most Iconic and Empowering women of the last hundred and thirty years, with Avon celebrating their 130th anniversary we were looking back on iconic women of the last century and for me Oprah Winfrey has had a massive influence and still has on empowering women and serving as a female role model.

130 Years of AvonIconic and empowering women from the last century –

I spoke to my Avon team who they thought of as iconic and inspirational and it is truly amazing how many women have given their lives work to empowering and inspire others.  Some other truly iconic ladies nominated by the team through the last century – Marie Curie, Mrs Pankhurst, Margaret Thatcher, the Queen, Anne Frank, Mother Theresa, Maya Angelou, Dame Judy Dench, Dame Maggie Smith…..everyone had their own reasons for being inspired by these amazing role models.

Iconic and Empowering Women

Hailed as the most influential woman of her generation – Oprah Winfrey

The influential talk show host, author, actress, philanthropist and media personality.  Oprah proved that it doesn’t matter where you come from – what matters is where you want to go, how you get there and how you treat people on the way.  Oprah came from humble beginnings and is now a billionaire, being the first female African American billionaire to appear on the Forbes rich list.  The ‘Oprah Winfrey Show’ has broken down many social and cultural barriers promoting equal rights towards genders, racism and poverty, the popular show appeals to all genders, ethnicitys and ages.  Oprah has donated millions of dollars to various charities and foundations including the three charities she set up herself which support inspiration, empowerment, education and the well being of women, children and families around the world. Oprah is quoted as saying – “The future is full of possibility, whether you make one tiny change – or a whole invigorating, thrilling, inspiring bunch of them.” Oprah has been hailed as the most influential woman of her generation and a mentor to women around the world, using the power of media to change lives.  Oprahs ‘rags to riches’ story is amazing, overcoming her early years in poverty and abuse to become the incredible entrepeneur she is today.


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Avon – 130 Years of Empowering Women –

In 2016 we celebrate 130 years of Avon innovation and beauty – creating lipsticks, blushes, and mascaras, fragrances, lotions and serums.  More importantly though is the 130 years of creating possibility and empowering women globally. Supporting women’s causes by saying NO to breast cancer and domestic violence whilst saying YES to financial independence for over 6 million representatives in over 100 countries. #WorkItYourWay

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