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Avon Anew Skincare Range

Avon AnewAvon Anew skincare revolutionised the world of skincare.

Launching Avon Anew over two decades ago in 1992, Avon have proven they are experts in the skincare industry and consistently the first to market skincare breakthroughs. Avons anti ageing products were the first to contain AHA alpha Hydroxy acid.

With cutting edge innovative products Avon’s anti aging treatments help women globally look years younger – at an affordable price.  Avons products all have a 100% returns guarentee….so customers can try with confidence.

Using state of the art research and development Avon have produced revolutionary skin care products consistently since 1992;

  • 1992 – Alpha Hrdroxy Acid Technology
  • 1997 – Anew night force
  • 2000 – Anew retroactive
  • 2003 – Anew clinical wrinkle corrector
  • 2007 – Avon Anew Ultimate
  • 2009 – Avon Anew Reversalist
  • 2012 – Avon Clinical Proline Eraser
  • 2014 – Anew Clinical Infinite Lift
  • 2016 – Avon resurfacing peel and hydra overnight mask

2016 was a year of bold statements from Avon.

Following on from the #moremattethanmac campaign for the matte lipstick range, Avon have launched a campaign targeting Boots No7 users – Boots No7 vs Anew. With 161 Boots No7 users trying Avon Anew and an amazing 7 out of 10 preferring Avon Anew!

The Anew range is constantly updated, currently the range consists of Anew Vitale, Reversalist, Ultimate, Platinum, Clinical, cleansers and A-F33 ranges.

Avon Anew

Anew Vitale is aimed at 25+ ages and targets the first signs of ageing skin – fine lines and wrinkles, fatigued skin and signs of stress. Containing perfect cell complex to maximise skin cell turnover and repair damage caused by emotional and environmental stress.The range consists of;

  • Eye gel cream 15ml rrp £16
  • Day cream SPF25 50ml rrp £19.50
  • Night gel cream 50ml rrp £19.50
  • Beauty balm cream BB+ 30ml rrp £15
Avon Anew

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Anew Reversalist is aimed at ages 40+ and targets wrinkles, increasing firmness and signs of discolouration. Containing Tri-elastinex technology to help reconstruct and regenerate surface skin cells. The range consists of;

  • Express dual eye system rrp £19
  • Day cream SPF25 50ml rrp £21.50
  • Night cream 50ml rrp £21.50
  • Express wrinkle smoother 9g rrp £12

Anew Ultimate is aimed at age 50+ targeting multiple signs of aging. Containing the innovative Paxillium technology to restore cell shape, firm sagging skin and boost collagen. The range consists of;

  • Eye system rrp £20
  • Day cream SPF25 50ml rrp £25
  • Night cream 50ml rrp £25
  • Lip treatment rrp £15

Anew Platinum is aimed at ages 60+ targeting neck sagging, dryness and severe wrinkles. Containing Paxillium technology to restore youthful cell shape, firm sagging skin and boosting collagen. The range consists of;

  • Eye and lip cream 15ml rrp £21
  • Day cream SPF25 50ml rrp £25.50
  • Night cream 50ml rrp £25.50

To complement the four ranges there is the Clinical range of at home cosmetic alternatives to dermatological procedures. Currently the range has;

Absolute even multi tone skin corrector with DSX-7, Absolute even dark circle corrector, Infinite lift targeted contouring serum, Infinite lift firm and sculpt cream,  Infinite lift dual eye system, E-defence deep recovery cream, E-defence multi-shield SPF50 day lotion, Thermafirm face lifting cream, advanced resurfacing peel and hydra recovery mask.


Avon Anew

My personal favourite and best selling product from the Clinical range is the Infinite lift dual eye system – with a nourishing cream to hydrate and improve the look of dark circles below the eye and a lightweight gel to firm the upper eye area and tighten above and below the eyebrow….this is a revolutionary product I highly recommend.

Avon AnewLaunched in 2016 were the new range of cleansers with a 3 in 1 cleansing water suitable for all skin types, I’d never tried anything like this before, it’s a great product and a definite thumbs up from me. There is also a cream comforting cleanser and mask suitable for dry skins, I often use this instead of a face mask as it’s really nourishing and a purifying gel cleanser for normal, combination or greasy skin.

Avon AnewOver the last few years one of the most advertised Anew range has been the A-F33 range, Avons fastest wrinkle fighting range, this has been endorsed by many celebrities and featured in the glossys. A great product, just be aware that it is a high strength formula and always do a spot test to see how your skin reacts to this product. The range consists of;

  • PRO+ line corrector treatment with A-F33+ complex for fine lines. 30ml rrp £25
  • PRO line corrector eye treatment with A-F33 for crows feet. 15ml rrp £19.50
  • PRO Line corrector hydrating cream with A-F33 for fine lines. 30ml. rrp    £24
  • PRO line corrector targeted filler with A-F33 for deep wrinkles. rrp £12

Lorraine Kelly Avon

Lorraine Kelly – the face of Avon Anew.

Lorraine Kelly was announced as the face of Avon UK Anew in 2015. Lorraine Kelly OBE is a television favourite and was quoted as saying “I’m so delighted to be working with Avon and using their fabulous products. I’m also fortunate to be working with a brand that do so much for women all over the world. I’ve been lucky to use a huge selection of skincare, but I’m an Anew devotee and use Anew Ultimate day and night cream.”

Avon Anew

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