Missed Online Sales

Do you try to get more visitors to your Avon store? Always sharing a link, and getting no response from it?

Please make sure you are sharing it right.

How to share it right

Have you just found a fantastic product you want to promote?

Have you just copied the link for it from the address bar and shared along side the picture of it? Unfortunately this is wrong

Most of us do this when we want to promote a product and try to get a sale

The right way to share a link, is to go to the product and then when you see the social media share buttons underneath, the best one to click on it the twitter button.

Once you have done this is brings up a pop up box with the address of the product, and so it then gives us the direct link to the product in our own store

( sorry my twitter came up )

All you need to is to highlight the start of the address (http://) down to the end and hit copy

This will then let you to share your very own shop link everywhere.

 make sales  for your self 

and money

written by Rachel and Elizabeth