My Avon Store!

My Avon Store was made available to all Avon Representatives in the UK . 

My Avon Store gives every Avon Representative the opportunity to set up their own online Avon Shop! It’s arrival is BIG news at Avon, and I for one am very excited about the huge potential it has.

My Avon Store is designed to help make earning easier and to help you grow your sales.
It helps new customers to find you easily and shop with you whenever they want.

It means that every Avon Representative will have their own unique online shop which they can direct customers to. This is great if you have friends or family that like to shop with you but live miles away.

This means that as Avon Reps, we will have a better earning potential as we will no longer be so limited to our territory! We each get a FREE Avon online store which is easy to set up,  there is no techy know-how needed. We can serve new customers near or far and therefore earn in more ways.

Click here to shop online at my Avon Store.

The benefits to our customers are great too. Here are some of those benefits.

  •  Stylish, easy-to-shop online store
  •  Multiple payment & delivery options
  •  Customers shop when they want, how they want
  •  Latest beauty recommendations & reviews

If you are shopping from my online Avon store you can chose whether you’d prefer FREE delivery from your rep, OR if you live outside of your reps delivery area you can have your Avon products couriered directly to you. There is normally a charge for the courier service but quite often we are able to give our customers this service FREE too.