Welcome to my AVON page using the tabs above you can apply to become a AVON representative order products from me online and even read how becoming an AVON representative and sales leadership turned mine and my family’s life around


The role would push me out of my comfort zone, forcing me – an unconfident driver – to venture beyond the local streets I felt comfortable in, and go off to sell to complete strangers in their own homes. I returned from my first round resolute that I was going to quit. But then the orders started coming in – £400 on my first attempt, £2,000 on my second. My confidence bolstered, I began to get in touch with strengths that had been asleep for years. As a recovering alcoholic, I’ve had my fair share of struggles, but out of all that came an ability to relate to people and their histories. Building rapport, so essential to sales, came easily to me.           

More orders followed and soon the organisation knocked on the door, inviting me to step up into a more senior position. I agreed, relishing the chance to grow my income. The lady who’d originally recruited me was lovely, but she hadn’t really inspired me to see that this was a bigger opportunity than just making some extra cash. Then along came my fabulous mentor, who not only shone a light on what was possible, but also made me believe I could absolutely achieve whatever I set out to.

I started setting myself goals beyond just what I wanted in that month’s pay packet – items I wanted to be able to purchase come bonus pay-outs, and positions within the company I wanted to rise to. Within two years, I’d achieved what some of the best representatives achieve in ten, and six years after first starting out, 

Success has seen me stretch myself, grow as a person and in confidence, and become comfortable with so many things that once frightened me. It’s also made me go easier on myself in many regards – I focus less now on past mistakes and more on future potential.

But success hasn’t come without its challenges. Being that bit older starting out meant that picking up new things doesn’t come quite as automatically as it used to. My youngest son gave me a crash course in computing, and since then, I’ve had to put in the time to grapple with new technology. Unfortunately, I’ve also had to deal with some unpleasantness from people who were affronted by my success and the spotlight it put me under. Most surprising of all was that they were often senior figures. My mentor’s advice was to rise above it. As she says: It’s a sure sign you’re doing something right!

’ve also had a tackle my tendency to go overboard. My addictive personality drew me into a trap of working every hour I could – always wanting to do more and push myself harder, reaching the next goal in record time. As relationships and work-life balance suffered, I had to set boundaries. After all, the main reason for choosing this path was the flexibility it offered, so I had to learn to tell the difference between an evening or weekend text message that needed actioning right away, and one that could wait until Monday morning.

With that came a lesson in delegation. I’d made the rookie manager mistake of trying to do everything for my delegates. I soon realized that the stars in the team shone much brighter when I gave them information and support when they needed it, then stepped away and let them get on with it. My 400+ team is now all the more powerful for it.

I always tell people I couldn’t have done this without my amazing mentor. This job came along at a time when I was about to have more time on my hands and could easily have fallen into old, unhealthy habits. Her belief in me, her openness and willingness to share information, enabled me to see the true possibilities. She made me see that a business without goals is just plodding along and I’m more determined than ever to keep forging ahead, growing my team and being the best possible mentor I too can be to those coming up behind

Jackie on sales leadership

Nicky Cobb

Rachel is my leader and she set me up for Avon. If I need any help or advice she is always available and easy to talk to. She is a lovely person and so friendly. If interested in starting Avon I recommend starting with her she will get you started and will help you with anything you need. Fantastic lady and thank you for all the support you have given me already.

Nicky Cobb on being a avon rep

Sarah J Butler

I thought I would try and be a Avon rep myself as I used to buy Avon my self from another rep but I was recommending my friends to her,so I thought no sod it I’ll so it and gain the profits not her,I was a bit skeptical at first and nervous but Rachel helped me a lot she told me I could do it if it wasn’t for her giving me confidence I might of given up eventually,it’s hard at times with my reduced mobility and anxiety but Rachel is always there she is one of a kind, thank you Rachel so much for everything you did and do for me xx

Sarah J Butler on being a Avon rep

Helen Halford;

I like Lala have also hit every target i have set
The bonuses up to now have at least earn me a extra £5,000 🎉🎉🎉
Really is the best thing i ever have done becoming a sales leader
Love my job, love the girls in this team i work with ,there not work colleagues any more
Were all fabulous friends and enjoy all going out together as well xx

Helen Halford;on leadership

Linda Stone-cooper ;

I no longer get the fast start bonus. But I did get a bonus every campaign in my first year as a sales leader which helped me a great deal. I brought a new car (second hand) paid cash out of bonus. I paid for my son and husband to travel to France for a music festival. The rest of the bonus helped as I put the money back into my business this is why I can still earn a nice 3 figure some every 3 weeks. As the bonus helped me build a strong business. I love being a sales leader as I have done so mush in 18 months that would not have been possible without a fab team with me.xx

Linda Stone-cooper ; on sales leader

Elizabeth Dizzy Alabaster;

So I’ve been a leader for 7 campaigns and I’m at advanced coordinator level 🙂
When I started AVON I never really thought I’d make a career out of it, but seeing what I can achieve I’m now thinking I can
This is my job and people may thing what ever but actually it can pay! Its hard work but worth it.
The fast start bonus helps a lot. It means you see more of a ‘wage’ while starting out.
I cover my personal bills out this and am now putting money back into what I do to better my self.
I’ve met people I class as friends too which helps.
We might live in a virtual world but you get to know the people on a different level.
Everyone helps everyone and its not a battle of who can do.what.
I went to regional s not long.after I started to build my team.and it was amazing! Truly inspiring.
I best stop rambling!

Elizabeth Dizzy Alabaster; on leadership

Belinda Swift;

Best decision I made, the bonuses are a great way to invest into your business to help you grow, I’m senior co-ordinator, and hoping to be at leader level before Xmas! I’ve been joined since c3 and never thought I would earn this much money, love our team, such a solid group, With so much guidance and help!!

Belinda Swift; on sales leadership

Lala Taylor;

The bonuses are great an really give you a boost I have hit every target I have set an they have made it so my wages nearly double it’s fantastic. I have been a sales leader since the end of C12 so July 2017 – and I have roughly received just over £1000 in bonuses alone xxx.

Lala Taylor on leadership