How to sell Make-up

make-up is a great way of putting a smile on your face

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Despite the challenging economic situation, make-up is a great way of putting a smile on your face without spending a packet! Research tells us that when money is tight, consumers are happy to spend on a new lipstick to update their look and make themselves feel good, when perhaps they cannot afford a new outfit.
Avon’s make-up ranges feature innovative technology and come in stunning colours to suit all ages and budgets, so try some of these selling tips to ensure that you maximise your sales:
  • Avon regularly offer gifts with a certain spend on cosmetics. This is a great way to encourage customers to stock up on their favourite products and get a free gift!
  • If your customers aren’t sure how to apply make-up, try pointing out our great step-by-step guides in the brochure to show your customers how to use our make-up to get the best looks! This will enhance their confidence and encourage them to experiment with new colours in the future.
  • Avon’s make-up samples are a great way to introduce your customers to our fabulous lipsticks and foundations and so they are a great investment for you!
  • Try link-selling to your make-up customers, so if they are buying a lipstick from you already, recommend a matching nail enamel or lip liner.
  • If your customer isn’t sure which make-up product to choose, reassure her that we have a brand and product for every customer. From our Plump Pout lip gloss for added fullness, to our moisturising Ultra Colour Rich Mousse Lipstick, we’ve got a product to suit everyone!
  • Don’t forget that Avon also sells a range of quality beauty accessories, including make-up remover and nail care products. Don’t forget to ask your customers if they need any of these!
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