How to sell personal care products


How to sell personal care products
Avon sells a wide range of personal care products for her and him, as well as for your little ones! We have everything covered, from bathroom essentials such as shower gel and body sprays, through to professional hair styling products, protective suncare products and pampering treatments for when you need a boost!
Our toiletries are all of the highest quality and come at everyday prices that won’t blow the budget. Follow some of our selling tips below and watch your sales grow! Whilst the prices of the personal care products may not be the highest, they are often daily use items that need frequent replenishment so repeat purchase is all but guaranteed – and earnings for you every campaign. Make sure to remind customers so they don’t miss out on the opportunity to order replacements.
  • Look out for our great multi-buy offers and encourage your customers to stock up on bath and body essentials. Everyone needs personal care products so make the most of our promotions as a way of converting your customers to Avon.
  • Try popping a free sample in your customer’s order as an incentive for them to try. Remember that trying leads to buying!
  • If some of your customers are buying other products from us, like fragrance, try suggesting products of the same fragrance, like body sprays or shower gels.
  • If your customer is buying from one of our personal care brands already, tell them about a product that goes with this, so for example if your customer is buying a shampoo from Advance Techniques, why not recommend a styling product for her hair type? Or, if she’s buying a Skin So Soft body wash from you already, why not recommend the body spray?
  • If you know your customer is already buying Avon personal care products for themselves, try pointing out the wide range of male toiletries we offer, or the fun children’s ranges!

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