welcome to your new Avon business

What happens next

 Please choose your kit when you First register on your Avon account.

Start up kit

I will also add you to our help group.

Makeup In Business – Representatives

Once you have set up your password you can open your brand new Avon store.

You will have the chance here to choose a new store name please click this link if you need help choosing a name.

Free Cute Boutique Name Generator

Once your store name is updated you can share it on all multi-media.

I also find opening a Facebook page is great as you can invite friends etc and place ads for new items in your online store, it will also stop Facebook thinking you are spamming your ads. Also, ask family or friends to share your post.

For the next couple of days try and build your self a customer base online and also in your street or local area, (please ask for help if you need more homes ) shops are also great.

By now you will have gotten your starter kit.

You will get order forms which you fill in with your details and choose a delivery date and a pickup date, It’s normally better to give them a couple days, Then pick the books up remember to put the orders safe then you can re-use the books again, you may find you need to go back a couple of times so I have enclosed some pink calling cards. I would do this a number of times as you have up to 3 weeks with each book.

Once you have collected all your orders its time to either place online or by phone to get commission please remember to get your orders to minimum rate also all orders are free with p&p if the order is over £30, or if not £1.50 each order do not forget to order Forms, Book Bags if needed and also some paper bags to make your orders up when they arrive.

Helpful Codes for Essential Items

card ring sizes 82917

representative calling cards 82933 (100)

order forms 86959 (50)

paper bags large 92486 (50)

paper bags medium 92478 (50)

paper bags small 92502 (50)

returned products book 82974

brochure bags (50) 91587

plastic bags large 92536 (5)

plastic bags medium 92528 (5)

The orders will come to your home within normally five days,  please check the number of boxes you are signing for, then double check your items on the invoice which will be in the box marked invoice.


If you have items missing please call Avon and not my self

The best way of getting into your boxes is by turning them upside down, this allows you to keep the ‘lid’ of the box and so then enable you to reuse them.

You will then need to look for box 1 which will contain your invoice. As with any deliver this needs to be checked and everyone has their own system for how they do it.

I personally choose to empty all my boxes and group the products together e.g children’s products, a bubble bath group etc, this then means I can go through each group and tick the product off.

Some people choose to find the item on the invoice and check it off as they remove an item from a box.

There is no right or wrong way, its what works for you.

Once I’ve checked I have everything I will then start bagging up for customers.

 I tend to do one slip at a time and then place the complete bag in a box, I find this the neatest way of storing orders and moving them around

Once its all done its then time to deliver their goods along with their copy of the latest brochure.

I normally let customers know by text, call or Facebook that their order has arrived and arranged delivery of their goods.

I tend to work on a route type plan as my customer base is quite spread out, Again this is something which you will find a system that works for you.

Always collect the payment as you collect goods to limit the loss of products, while most people are honest, there is always the chance that they may ‘forget’ to pay you or just not pay you intentionally. You still have to pay for the goods regardless of if they have given you the money or not. Once goods are delivered to you, they are your responsibility.

You will then need to make your payment to AVON. (This is due 13 days after your invoice) this can be paid via giro or card payment from your bank, whichever is easiest for you.

Avon will tell you how much you have earned you will need to take out of the money you have collected as cash.

Then you start again with your next campaign book.

Recommend a friend and get a £5 gift card


If you were looking at taking your business to the next level please speak to me or one of our lovely ladies on the group

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