Can I sell AVON online only?


Can I sell AVON online only?

How to open Your Avon Store

Yes you can sell AVON online only.  There are not many people who solely sell AVON online, but it is entirely possible to do so.   Just like selling through the physical brochures it does take effort and you will still be responsible for delivering the products to the customers.  However, if you chose to sell AVON online this may offer you greater flexibility around your own circumstances and lifestyle.  If you join beautywithinmakeup  we will work with you to establish, grow and develop an online customer base if you chose to sell in this way.

Let me explain some more for you……

How to Sell AVON online – the tools

There are many tools already in place provided by AVON to help you gather customers online and run your AVON business.  These include:

  •  Free online AVON brochure – exact online version of the paper brochure.  Customers simply contact you via inbox/email/text or phone with what they want to order.
  • ad 1 Can I sell AVON online only?Free product adverts provided by AVON to advertise on your Social Media (such as facebook) This is updated for all the hot products every campaign.  The picture to your right is a fantastic example of the great adverts provided for you to use.
  • Free use of AVON’s social media platform AVON Connects – access to blogs, groups, customers and specialist information.
  • Elect to receive local customer leads from AVON Connects if you meet AVON’s criteria for receiving customer leads.
  • Promote and Watch AVON’s own videos on their exclusive YouTube Channel.  There are lots of product launches, demonstrations and adverts for you online customers to watch.
  •  Manage your account, order and pay online via your own free AVON website.
  • Accepting orders via My Avon Store

Rachels’s Recommendations on how to sell AVON online

Personally I sell AVON via the brochure but I also have a growing customer base online as well.  Here are just a few observations that I have personally noticed.

The key to being successful with selling AVON online is to marry up being “high-tech” whilst still being “high-touch”.  The first step I would recommend to anyone is to set up your own AVON Facebook page.

Your online customers love hearing about the latest product and how practically to use the products.  I love using the Pixiwoo videos demonstrating how to get the latest celebrity look.   Watching a video online makes the products “come alive” and your customers can get a real feel for how the products look and how to apply them best.

Don’t expect orders “just to flood in” – you will need to promote your business online by sharing and forming a relationship with your customers.  If you are on Facebook – why not ask questions to provoke a response from your customers – backed up with promotional material.

How to open Your Avon Store

For example:  “When was the last time you changed your mascara?”  –  did you know you should change it every 3 months and AVON have just launched their super extend Extreme mascara which is fabulous.  Perhaps then put in a picture or a video clip of the mascara that you want to promote.

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